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Who’s ready to purge?! May 9, 2011

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Spring is FINALLY here… at least I think so…. er, I hope so….

What does spring make you think of? What are you itching to do every spring? For me it’s flinging open the windows and flinging out the STUFF that accumulates around my house!

BUT WAIT! This can sometimes create chaos as oppose to getting said chaos under control. Here is a step by step process to get you going.

1. Get a box and label it “Give Away”, then grab your trashcan complete with trash bag. Take them to the place you want to start with. Let’s say the kids closet

2. Set your timer for 15 minutes, DON’T CHEAT!

3. Start at the top shelf, and work your way down (Or start in a corner of a space and work clockwise.

4. When you pick up an item say to yourself “Do I love this item? Have I used this item in the last year (NOTE I did NOT say “Do I think I MIGHT USE THIS SOMEDAY”)?” If the answer to both is no, either throw it away or put in the give away box.

5. When you come across something that goes somewhere else, PUT IT THERE! Then go RIGHT BACK to the closet. Don’t get Sidetracked!

6. STOP after 15 minutes and do something else or take a break. Get some distance from the project, then go back.

Just keep repeating this process until it’s clean. Even if you only do it for 15 minutes a day, you will be shocked at how quickly it will be clean! And you won’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t let yourself get into the rut that if you can’t completely finish something the same day you start it that you shouldn’t even begin! That is how our house gets cluttered in the first place.

And, something to think about when purging items… it is SO tempting to hold on to things for sentimental things and I’m all for holding on to a few heirlooms or special papers. However, we CANNOT keep everything everyone gives us, or every piece of paper or project our kids bring home. By holding on to the non-so important things, we make the REALLY important things less important. Just because you get rid of something, doesn’t mean you are getting rid of that love or memory, it just means you don’t NEED STUFF to keep that love or memory because it’s that strong! So it’s really a blessing to that other person and shows just how much you care!

Now set your timer and JUMP IN! 🙂

If you use these steps show me some before and after pictures! I would love to post them!


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