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What is the first thing people see? March 30, 2011

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I am ashamed to say that lately, this is the first thing people see when they walk in my door. Funny how walking into a Pepto-Bismal pink room can make you nauseous! NOTE TO READERS** No, I did not paint a room this color. It came with the house and as we have been remodeling for the 5.5 years since we bought the place as we have the money to do so, this room is as yet not done. So, for now it is a mud room, play room, office, and storage room. It’s a BIG room! So, as my husband’s deployment begins I have millions of ideas for improving things around the house and was going a little nuts yesterday as to where to start first. So, I figure why not start at the front of the house and work my way around. I went through a few ideas yesterday and made a trip to Big Lots and the Dollar Store for a couple little things. Then got started this morning. Here’s how it went.

First I took EVERYTHING out of the area other than the cedar chest, and the dirt bike (Yes that’s a dirt bike for our three-year old… what? according to my husband all three-year-olds NEEDS one). I cleaned the window and the floor.

At the dollar store I grabbed a four pack of self adhesive hooks. I really wanted an area for us to put our every day jacket and my purse (which I can never find). So, we each get a place for ONE jacket a piece, including a munchkin situated hook, and a place for my purse.

What entrance is complete without a key hook? I grabbed this for $2.50 at Big Lots. Of course it was a little boring so I looked through my craft stuff and found some pretty-uppers to stick on it.

Then I grabbed this shoe rack out of the closet….

And for the finishing touches…

Put a basket on the chest for hats, gloves, or anything else, and a blanket on the chest for sitting and taking of your shoes. And of course, a picture of our favorite hero.

Voila! A new “mud room”. Total time: less than an hour. Total $ spent: $3.50.


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