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This is why I use coupons! March 17, 2011

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So many people ask if it’s worth the bother and time of couponing. Well let’s see!

Price Chopper had some great deals this week that I took advantage of. Here is what I got:

Yes that  is TWENTY sugar free Jell-O cups and pudding 6 packs. 6 bricks of delicious cracker barrel cheese. 3 bags of apples. A bag of grapefruit. And of course our favorite fat free half and half for our coffee. I made 2 trips (as I passed by doing other things) and Matt made one for me, for a total of 5 transactions. **NOTE: I didn’t go out of my way to shop, I had to be in town for many other reasons and just ran by.

Without coupons this would have cost me $71.14 ON SALE! Using coupons I spent $14.89. That is a savings of $56.25 or 79%!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine saving that much on your groceries every week! That’s $225 a month! Now I have healthy snacks for my Weight Watchers plan and to send to pre-school with my son.

Another thing I’m going to mention, is ask store managers when they typically mark food down. Price Chopper marks produce down Wed or Thursday. So today, knowing the cash register was going to give me $8.00 to spend when I did my Jello/Cheese deal, I went in search of the marked down produce (after I grabbed my half and half). They put it on a table off to the side and it’s usually bruised fruit, over-ripe bananas, that sort of thing. I LOVE THIS STUFF! As you can see I bought 3 bags of apples and a bag of grapefruit this week. Here was what I paid per for them:

$.20 per pound!! Yes, they might have a couple bruises but they are going to make delicious apple sauce this weekend! Last week I grabbed a 5 lb bag of sweet onions for the same price, I cut them up later that day and froze them. You can use just about any produce like this. If you like to bake, look for bananas. Celery, carrots, or squash?? Blanch them and freeze them for soup and casseroles. Seriously, do NOT walk by a table like this in your store thinking you are too good for the “elderly produce”! This can save you TONS of money.


3 Responses to “This is why I use coupons!”

  1. lesleymc123 Says:

    Great post! I thought you blogged about what the jello deal was…. can’t find it now. Was wondering what that one was and the cracker barrel cheese one was…. Please do tell!!!
    I didn’t realize that price chopper did that with produce. I tried asking there one day about having a marked down meat section like I read about… but got some kid that said that they are always marking things down and it’s all mixed in. Do you know about any other mark down areas in price chopper???
    I so want to stop by price chopper after our date night tomorrow night for our anniversary now… how sad is that?

    • It’s under here https://holdingdownthehome.wordpress.com/freebies-cheapies-and-bargains/ Need to find a better way to organize this blog though. LOL The jello IQ’s that I mention aren’t there anymore though 😦 That’s why I didn’t do more of the same deal LOL I might have needed another fridge though! I haven’t seen TOO many marked down meats, but usually it’s right in the middle isle coolers. I’ll see if I can find out what day they usually do that though. There is usually a black X on it. There were some clearance cleaning and personal stuff right by the cash registers today.

      • Lesley Says:

        I know… I feel like it is hard for me to go back and find some of my own on my own blog.. lol….. I think I need more categories within categories too…. under recipes especially…. We will get the hang of it.. eventually.

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