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Stockpiling is not just for food! February 24, 2011

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Did you know that stock piling doesn’t have to just be for food or toothpaste? Did you know you can stockpile clothes too?! This is especially useful when buying for kids. Last year, just as my son was going into 2T clothes we found these adorable Curious George jogging suits at Wal-mart. He is a George FREAK so I knew he would LOVE it! Did I just buy one? NO! I bought one in 2T and one in 3T. Did I stop there? NOPE! I also got the same outfit in a Disney Cars theme! In 2T and 3T. It was full price which I usually don’t do but he wore them ALL THE TIME, as I knew he would!

More recently I was at Target, last week. I was checking out their clearance shoes when I saw some boys sneakers. I was looking for a 9… which they didn’t have… BUT I did find these cute blue ones in a 10,11, and 12. So I BOUGHT THEM ALL! They were $4.25!!! I usually pay close to that much for second hand shoes for him that are in good condition at a local consignment shop. I don’t ever buy him new shoes unless they are on clearance, just can’t justify it when he’s in them for about two days! LOL So anyway, I got 3 pairs of BRAND NEW SNEAKERS for $12.75!


Does a 3 year old care if his shoes are PUMA? NOPE! (and I hope he never does since I won’t pay that much for shoes LOL) I do the same thing for myself. If I find a shirt I just love the fit of I’ll buy in a few colors or I might even buy the same exact shirt for a super low price, then I have one when the other gets a stain or is in the wash when I want to wear it! Or, think about sneakers for yourself. If you buy a new pair of sneakers every six months… and you find a GREAT deal… buy 2 pairs! Saves time and money in the long run. Just think ahead a bit and you’ll be able to do this!


2 Responses to “Stockpiling is not just for food!”

  1. lesleymc123 Says:

    I do that too. I just found some at Target a few weeks ago, but didn’t see those. I got some black seude-ish pull on shoes with no ties. I figured black would be great for playing outside. Those are cute. Did they have more? I am going shopping tonight. 🙂

  2. Tiffany Says:

    This is a great post!! We also do this with clothes for Shawn with hand me downs, great finds at the thrift stores and clearance shopping. I have containers in his closet labeled with the size and we don’t ever have to pay full price for his clothes except for his uniforms.

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