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Love the stuffed animals? February 18, 2011

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Well if you do, that’s great. Personally, I really get annoyed by stuffed animals. They are bulky and my dog seems to think they all belong to her. Where are you supposed to store them? In a box in the closet? Then why have them? One of those ugly hammocks in the corner of the room where they are forgotten about? What’s the point?

Well I’m here to give you an idea of how to have them out, but out of the way! Total cost? Couple dollars… if that! I went to the dollar store and snagged these colorful plastic clothespins:

Note the hole at the top of the clothespin

So I checked out my stash of ribbon and found this great red colored one with a muppet-like quality to it:

Make sure it has some substance to it, if it’s too thin it won’t work. Thread the ribbon (or rope, or twine, or string) through the opening of the clothespin and tie around it:

Do this about every six inches or so all the way down the length of string. Then find a place to hang it up. We chose a curtain rod, but you can use a hook on the back of a door, or one of those hooks that you put in the ceiling. Or if you really want them out of the way hang them from a closet rod. Then just clip on the stuff animals! And you’re done!

How easy was that?!








One Response to “Love the stuffed animals?”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Great idea, I have been downsizing all of the kids stuff and this is a great way to organization and enjoy the stuff animals that are keepers. I might even get this accomplished before the weekend is over. Thanks for sharing!

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