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Craft Room Chaos February 11, 2011

Okay… My craft Room… Which is technically the spare bedroom. And my Mary Kay Storage room. I have been complaining to my husband that I didn’t have enough space for months. I can’t get to my Mary Kay. I can’t do crafts. No one can sleep on the bed because it’s covered in stuff! So, I started looking for a place to move some stuff, to make another area of the house in to Craft Room. I started looking at blogs for organizing my craft stuff. And what I found made me realize I didn’t have to move my stuff at all!!! I just had to organize it in more creative ways.

This was a daunting task, I won’t show you the whole room, but take a look at my “craft table” (which I need to get rid of and get a new one anyway). Not much you can do with that space huh?

Now having said that, I did NOT want to go spend a bunch of money on storage containers and stuff like that. So I decided to see what I had around here that would be useful. I saw this on The Creating Keepsakes Blog:

I loved this idea! And since I’m doing this in the spare room I had an available closet to use… BUT… I don’t have trouser hangers and they are a couple dollars a piece in the store. Hmmm…. so here is what I did!

I took a 12×12 sheet protector

See those great holes in the sides of it? They are going to be perfect! Then I grabbed all my alphabet sheets for scrapbooking and put a few in one of these. Doing it so I could see what it in there, not Stuffing it full! Then I grabbed a metal hanger (because they are thinner) and a clothespin. I put the middle whole in the sheet protector over the hanger hook and used the clothespin on the side where it opens so nothing falls out.


A cheap easy way to use spare closet space and this way you can actually see what you have! Total cost? ZERO DOLLARS!

But I’m not done yet!  Ok, so maybe you don’t have wire hangers? Or maybe you don’t use the 12×12 sheet protectors. Here’s another idea! I went around the house looking for useful things I could steal and re-purpose in my craft area. I came across this door hanger in my son’s bedroom. He doesn’t use this much as he’s only 3 feet tall LOL. So I snatched it!

I think I got this a couple years ago at target in their $1 or $2 bins in the front of the store. It turned out to be perfect to hang those pretty embellishments and stickers that are still in the packages!

Awesome, right?!

Now for scissors… if you craft you probably have 20 different kinds of scissors. What a pain right. Not anymore. I saw this great plastic utensil holder for $.99.

What about those little tiny pain-in-the-rear “things” we need for crafts? Buttons, brads, sparkly pretty things? Well I could have gone out bought a bunch of  matching containers and storage bins. Instead, I checked my plastic-ware cupboard in the kitchen. Just as I thought! A few things looking a little sad, that I don’t really use anyway!!!

In all different sizes and perfect for storage those what-nots.

Now for scrapbooking, usually there are groups of stickers and “Stuff” that correspond to a project. For instance, I had some things that were for making pages about Fall (autumn) so I grabbed a big ziploc. I get tons of these through Mary Kay and knew I was saving them for a reason! I took a permanent marker, wrote “Fall on it and put in all the “things” pertaining to that project.

I did one for, Fall, Winter, Vacation, Birthday, Baby, etc.  And then grabbed this box out of my son’s closet (sorry I keep stealing your stuff Keith!). Now it sits prettily on the shelf in the closet.

Now for the last bit of it… I have one of those tall plastic drawer things (you can see it in the first picture on the top of the page… sort of LOL). Remembering my posts about “containerizing“? Well it works great in the craft room too! The blue containers I bought a couple weeks ago, and the ones here cost me about$3 altogether. Here are the last pictures! I’m still working on putting my Mary Kay stuff away but I’ll show you that in a later post.



2 Responses to “Craft Room Chaos”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I just reorganized my craft area (corner). Other than the fact I need a better surface (table or something) I really like how it came out and I only spent $5. I bought those plastic shoe storage things at Walmart $5 for 6 they aren’t the prettiest but they are ideal since I can see through them. It looks like you are really making great progress.

  2. Amy Says:

    LOVE IT ALL! Looks great! In our “new” house (we’ve been here 6+ months) I’ve been blessed and actually have a 2nd kitchen/eating area to use as me craft/sewing room. But it has been a DISASTER since we’ve moved in. I’m hoping get to it this week and wanted to say thanks for some great ideas! 😀

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