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02/05 Coupon Savings February 5, 2011

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Today ended up being a family shopping day. Hubby and I both had errands to run so we all went together for a nice day out. And let me tell you, I SCORED SOME TERRIFIC DEALS! We did grocery shopping (Price Chopper), Ollie’s, Sam’s Club, Salvation Army, and JoAnn Fabrics. Are you on the mailing lists for stores you frequent… or even stores you don’t? WELL YOU SHOULD BE! Seriously if you are not cashing in on the deals you can get through the mail just by being on the mailing list I think you are CRAZY! Yeah, you will probably get junk mail but it’s so worth it to get those nice % off coupons!

Anyway, I wanted to show  you how much I saved today with coupons and stuff. And show you a couple of the AWESOME finds I snagged. I’ll start with the boring grocery store and move on to the more exciting stuff and show you pictures! So, Price Chopper was a pretty big list, we were running out of lots of things and they had some great sales this week. I love when they put coupons in their sales flyer that will TRIPLE your manufacturer coupons, so today we had 2 of those… that’s $6.00 right there! Then off course I had lots of other coupons. One of the best deals today was the big 100 oz bottle of Tide Free (no dyes or perfumes) for $10.88 (that’s $4.11 off normal price) and I paired that with a $1.00 coupon that I tripled so I got it for $7.88!!!! So my total was $137.37, I paid $114.98 after coupons for a total savings of 22.39! (Imagine saving that EVERY WEEK just at the grocery store!) I don’t count store card savings when figuring this total… but I did get $.20 off per gallon of gas, which is great!

Next was Salvation Army, figured we would check it out since I had a couple things to donate. A lot of times I find kids shoes here. But not today. However, we did find Disney, and Veggie Tales VHS movies for $1.99. So much cheaper than DVD’s and what the heck does a 3 year old care if it’s not a Blu-Ray! LOL Besides with my terror VHS movies hold up better than those finicky DVD’s. And for me, here is what I found to use for an upcoming project that I’ll post about:

This was just $2.99.

And I got these jars and lids for $.59 a piece:

Do you have an Ollie’s where you are? Ours is fairly new but I was SO EXCITED when we got one! I have been shopping at Ollie’s for years every time I visit my in-laws. I loved it. Now we finally have our own! It’s kind of like Big Lots.  Lots of miscellaneous stuff but you can find GREAT deals if you are willing to look. Plus they have a mailing list and send you coupons a few times a year. I was armed with my %15 off your total purchase coupon! I won’t bore you with everything we got (like the hatchet hubby just HAD to have!) but the best deal I got was Cascade Action Pacs 90ct $9.99- 15% =8.49! These retail for $12.95 on amazon.com and almost $17.00 in the store.

Now, we do some shopping at Sam’s Club though not a ton.  Many times we find great deals on clothes, and today was no exception! For me I found very thin white mock-turtlenecks for $2.37! I bought two.. I mean… they’re WHITE! We saw these great water-proof jackets (like for Spring and summer) for just $5.13! HELLO FATHER’S DAY! It’s not a great picture, but a really NICE jacket!

Then hubby found these Reebok jogging suits for the little man! Since he already has enough 4T clothes, we bought them in 5T. They were just $6.81 for each set! Check ’em out!

Now, for the best part of the trip! Jo-Ann Fabrics! And of course I had my coupons from being on their mailing list! I had a 40% off one item coupon and a 50% off one item. I went there in search of a hot glue gun; Can you believe I didn’t have one!? So I found my glue gun and used my 50% off coupon and it came to $5.50, and even had the glue sticks with it!

Then I wanted some of the Tulip Slick fabric paint, for a project I’ll show you in a couple weeks hopefully! These were already on sale from $9.99 to $7.99! And then I found THIS:

This massive storage bin (Supporting the Cure) was retailing for $25!!! They had it clearanced to $8.97!!!! But wait… it gets better!!! They let me use my 40% off coupon!!! So I snagged this awesome craft bin for $5.38!!!! HELLO! Is that crazy for what?! This is going to be perfect for my upcoming craft room organization project I’m going to be sharing with you soon. Stay tuned because it’s going to be a great post with TONS of ideas for organizing in it!

So that was my day of savings… with coupons I saved $36.95 today just with coupons. That’s not including the great savings I shopped around for like the jacket and jogging suits. It pays to take your time! And don’t forget to go online and sign up for the mailers! Usually you can sign up for one through email AND one through your snail mail. Don’t want all that stuff cluttering your inbox? Open a free account with yahoo or gmail just for coupons and keeping up with blogs.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! I would LOVE to hear about YOUR savings! 🙂 HIT ME!


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  1. JC Says:

    Hubbs and I just began a subscription to our weekend papers in hopes of starting with the “couponing” everyone is always talking about.

    Also, Bugga totally has the blue Reebok outfit too!

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