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Toy Box Overhaul January 31, 2011

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As you come in to my house you see the gigantic toy box my step-father made for my son’s first birthday. This thing is massive! It doesn’t even fit in a standard bedroom doorway so we made our front room that needs to be re-modeled into a temporary play room for him. And being an only child with LOTS of Aunt’s, Uncles, and Cousins, and Grandparents, this kid has SO MUCH STUFF! It gets to the point I can’t even close this mammoth toy box. I finally decided last week we need a major overhaul in this department. He doesn’t play with a lot of these toys and has out grown others. So, I took a couple of days and went through ALL of it. Here is what I was dealing with:

I just took everything out and dumped it on the floor. Then took some bins and separated a lot of the toys. As I did this I had another box to throw in stuff to donate. And the garbage was handy for those ever-present broken items. The little man even helped out! He liked putting the things into different bins and that was easy for him to do. So I took that idea and made labels for the bins… but along with the words, I put a picture to show him what goes in each bucket. Here’s what they looked like:

Now he knows where they all his toys go. And having them in bins like this makes it easier to just have one out at time. So we did a few more bins like this. A bigger milk crate bin for big cars and trucks and one for things like his Doodle pad, and Leap Frog computer. And the end result was this:

It is definitely a HUGE difference. He plays more in the playroom when it’s organized and he’s not overwhelmed with clutter and chaos. I also have a bin next to his toy kitchen for that stuff. And I got rid of a couple bigger toys that he has outgrown. Will we have more kids? Maybe… do I need to keep EVERYTHING that my son had “just in case?” NO! (Took my husband a long time to get me out of the “keep everything just in case” frame of mind). My son is worth having a great big space to play without a bunch of clutter.

Do you need to work on the toy situation at your house? Have you been keeping everything “just in case” even though you don’t have enough storage? This kids you have right now deserve a nice, organized, beautiful place to play. Let those toys that are outgrown go so they can have some room to build those amazing, imaginary worlds they will grow out of all too soon!


2 Responses to “Toy Box Overhaul”

  1. loretta Says:

    BROOKE !!!!!!! you have been doing such an amazing job i love your blog and I love the bins !!! MATTHEW MUST BE PROUD! lol

  2. JC Says:

    I hoping (note the lack of promise) to work on Bugga’s playroom on my next big clean sweep. We have so much junk to get rid of before I can begin organizing because I’m betting we trash about 2/3’s of it all!

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