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What does 15 minutes look like? January 24, 2011

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If you have ever heard of Flylady, you have probably heard of 15 minutes. She tells us to set our timer for 15 because “you can do anything for 15 minutes!” So today I really needed to get some cleaning done but didn’t have much motivation. Then I remembered what she tells us and set my timer for 15 minutes. Here is what my kitchen looked like this morning (embarrassing!):

Yeah, really was dreading digging in to this. But I knew I could do it for just 15 minutes, I set my timer and dug in! And the results were awesome!! :

I seriously only worked for 15 minutes and STOPPED when my timer went off. (I even had time to spray the counters and wipe them down!) So when you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, pick a room and set the timer for 15 minutes working as fast as you can then STOP when the timer goes off. Click here to check out Flylady and learn how to keep an organized house 15 minutes at a time!


8 Responses to “What does 15 minutes look like?”

  1. Erica Says:

    Maybe I’m crazy…but I think those are the first pics I have seen of the new kitchen. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it! And great job getting it done this morning! You are doing better than me!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lesleymc123 Says:

    Looks great! I do that sometimes in the kitchen for two minutes (the time it takes me to microwave a cup of decaf) and can’t believe how much you can get done even in two minutes.
    I LOVE the island that you have and the wide open kitchen. Envious….

  3. Paige Says:

    Wow! What a huge difference 15 min can make! I think I’m going to try something similar in my home! You’ve inspired me!

  4. shawna bates Says:

    I am a fan of fly lady too! That website has helped me thru alot of messes lol..I can relate to your kitchen!! Great job on the clean up!!

  5. JC Says:

    I’m really trying to get motivated to being FLYing again. I googled FLYlady and blogs and found yours. Thanks for the extra inspiration!

  6. […] by holdingdownthehome, I wanted to see what I can accomplish in 15 minutes. What better task than to tackle the state of […]

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